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Welcome to Sonny Parker Photography,

The Yukon has always been my home. Growing up, I developed a passion for wilderness, adventure, and ecology. That passion naturally led to a keen interest in photography and the power of visual story telling. I hope that my photos provide inspiration for people to get outside and explore the Yukon. I also hope that some of my photography sparks a curiosity in others that leads them to learn more about the Yukon's unique natural and cultural landscapes. We all have a responsibility to be good stewards of the land. 

*Prints can be ordered through this website or by contacting me directly via email. A large variety of sizes, print surfaces, and finishes available. 

*For any commercial or private image usage inquiries please contact me via email - see link on menu column.

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Untitled photo

Equipment :                                      

- Sony A7IV and Nikon D500,                                  

- Variety of Sony, Nikon, and Sigma lenses,                 

- DJI Air 2S drone,                                                            

- A large backpack full of passion, patience, and perseverance. 

Publications :

- UpHere Magazine, Yukon-North of Ordinary Magazine, Canadian Wildlife Federation Magazine, and a variety of government and NGO reports and websites.

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